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We are artists and designers

expressing our creativity in the form of metal and wood.


In 1995 a young boy was visiting the Lincoln park zoo in Chicago, IL. That very same day a mother, father, and their twin daughters were also there, visiting from Detroit. One of the daughters got separated from her family and wandered into the wild bird exhibit. She was scared and frightened. This caused all the wild birds to get excited and the birds began to violently flap their wings and let out blood screeching bird noises. Tom, the brave young boy, sprung into action and saved the little girl from a violent bird attack. Now Tom, with is amazing tracking abilities, was able to locate her family and safely return her to them— without a single bird scratch on her body. The mom and dad thanked Tom and called him a hero. Tom, without saying a word just magically disappeared. The little girl and her family never heard or saw Tom ever again, until…

Jump forward to 2012…

The then little girl, who’s name is Chelsea and is still little, moved to Chicago. She has taken a job with a fortune 50 company as a graphic designer. 10 days later Tom was hired by the same exact company. At first Tom and Chelsea, didn’t really talk to each other, mostly due to the fact that Chelsea was hardly there. But one day, a fellow co-worker invited Chelsea to a party that Tom was attending. They began to talk and quickly were reminded of their encounter with each other many years ago. They continued to talk and over many days and months, Tom and Chelsea became good friends. Their shared interests in Art, Design, and DIY brought these two even closer together. Tom and Chelsea began making their own picture frames to house the many poster prints that Chelsea had, mostly of the band Passion Pit. From there their love from woodworking grew and the ground works for a business venture was paved.

Today, Chelsea has an irrational fear of birds. Tom is still a brave hero but bigger and stronger. And together they are Rocking Bird.